Saturday, 21 August 2010

What We Say Behind People's Backs

The Christian Institute published an article, ‘Social anxiety’ skews same-sex marriage polls. In this they attempt to make out that society in general is against same-sex marriage and "political correctness" forces people into agreeing with it. I have another way of viewing the same set of data: when our responses are non-attributable or we can ignore someone else's common humanity,  it is easier for us to be prejudicial and discriminate; what we are prepared to say behind people's backs is less considerate of our true moral conscience.

I sincerely hope that people will experience 'social anxiety' when they are contemplating discriminatory thoughts or actions. This is not a bad thing as the CI wishes to make out.  After all, Christ did say :
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31
The discussion at the end of the article on the use of the word "homosexuality" vs. "gay and lesbian couples" was particularly poignant.  All to often people become fixated on the letters "sex" when the read or say the word "homosexual". The focus then is on a behaviour. Considering people as couples, brings one back to our common humanity and the shared emotions, rights and responsibilities of relationships, irrespective if they are 'mo or 'ro.
It is unfortunate that the CI chose to use the word "skews" in their headline. The word "influences" would show more journalistic neutrality.
Unfortunately these comments made on the CI's Facebook page got me banned.


  1. Paul, when Jesus said do unto others.... He did not mean do something or condone something that God has forbidden........Isobel Yvonne Mckibben.

  2. Hi Isobel,

    On the whole, no one would want someone else to do to them what God forbids, as what God forbids is abusive, selfish, domineering and non-consensual behaviour. This is reflected in many of the laws of any civilised country.

    You are fortunate that you grew up in the UK (I assume). I grew up in a country that used a lot of the OT to justify the suppression of other races, South Africa.

    Fortunately I had a youth paster who emphasised the common theme of all Christ's summaries of the Law and the Prophets, i.e., his summaries emphasised how we are to approach modern day ethical questions in the light of love and mutual respect.

    Christianity is not meant to be part of a theocracy for the new covenant and dominion of God is in the hearts of Christians.

    I may disagree with a Roman Catholic on some doctrines. It does not mean I burn them at the stake as what happened 400 years ago. I have a lot in common with Jewish and Muslim believers: we worship the same God, share certain scriptures, etc. However, we may disagree strongly on the mechanism of salvation. I don't try and suppress their faith. I wish them the same religious liberties that I want them to want for me.

    Likewise, even if I disagree with the LGBT community (as I once did), their behaviour and relationships are so akin to the heterosexual relationships in terms of mutual love, consent and responsibilities, that I want to do to them as I want them to do for me.

  3. Paul, I am sorry for what you must have seen and experienced in South Africa's Apartheid system, i can only imagine some of the awful undocumented things that happened under it. Mans inhumanity to man; people throughout history have used God and His word to commit awful crimes and they will stand before God's "Great White Throne" JUDGEMENT SEAT AND GIVE AN ACCOUNT . God loves His creation passionately, He loves Homosexuals passionately but what you have to understand is that He is a Holy God and cannot look on sin and that's why Jesus died on the Cross for us. He lived a sinless life and became our passover lamb in that when we come to Him Just as we are and receive His free offer of Salvation, He becomes our righteousness in God's sight and we receive God;s Holy Spirit who then enpowers, changes and enables us to turn from our natural human behaviour that is contrary to God, to behave in a way that is pleasing and acceptable to Him. It is not perfection in this life and it is a gradual process but there is an attitude change toward the things we used to do that are aginst God's ways. So when Homosexuals claim to be Christian and then justify continuing their lifestyle by dening God's word about it there is something wrong...... Jewish believers do worship the same God but the God of Islam and the teaching of the Koran are not the same in values to those of the judao/christian faith in terms of the sanctity of human life, freedom of choice to become a believer, or in caring for and protecting women as the weaker vessel. In attitudes to violence, lying, i could go on and on. Just one example under Sharia law women are treated so badly, they do not have equal rights as their male counterparts have, They are considered to not have souls, just like animals and can be put to death for trying to marry a non Muslim or be beaten by their husbands if they don't obey them in everything. You should research it, i think what you find will shock you. I have to go now i won't get up for church in the morning if i don't....In Christ's love...Isobel.

  4. Hi Isabel,

    I'm glad we can concur on the inhumanity of racism and apartheid, and that those who used the word of God to justify their inhumanity will be held to account.

    However, I fear you are missing my point that in as much as I grew up in an environment that used God's word to justify their racism, I also grew up in an environment that used God's word to justify homophobia/ heterosexism. Like wise, I feel that the latter will be held to account for there miss use of God's word.

    We share a common belief in that God loves his creation irrespective of their sexuality. Where I disagree with you is that one can Biblically justify a position that says all homosexuality is a sin; that all same-sex love is lust. I have argued this in my previous blogs.

    Yes the homosexual, as with the heterosexual, (when they come to Christ) have to change things that would be inconsistent with Christ's call to be holy: to love others as they love themselves and consequently not to behave in selfish, domineering, abusive, etc. ways. I believe that this sums up the moral law.

    Indeed aspects of their homosexual lifestyle need to change, as much as heterosexuals have to change their lifestyles.

    However, a lifestyle is different from a sexual identity. Whatever the cause of one's sexual identity, homosexuals experience no sense of choice in as much as you did not choose to be straight (I'm assuming you are straight).

    I do not believe there is any bases in God's word requiring people to change their sexual identity. If there is, please show me ... but if we could take this discussion to my other blog on the issue:

    On Islam, when you get the chance, please speak to a Muslim person and simply ask what they believe. To your surprise (as it was to mine the first time I did) you may find we have a lot more in common.

    You raise concerns about their Sharia law. Not all Muslims believe in the full application of Sharia law and some would equate it as being as extreme as your views on homosexuality. In many ways a non-Christian picking up the Bible for the first time may also be shocked by the incest, genocide, etc., in it.

    In Christ,



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